Mobile container based preassure chamber

1800 GDA deck decompression chamber and control

The mobile decompression chamber and control are installed in a 20 feet, fully insulated container. The length of the decompression chamber is 4130 mm with a diameter of 1800 mm. Volume, entry lock is 2.5 m3 and main lock 7.0 m3. The chamber is classified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), according to NPD and NORSOK requirements. Maximum working depth is 53 MSW. The chamber has two beds and can have two occupants (2+1). The control panel is free standing and is separate from chamber. The total weight for the 20 feet container, including control desk is 7.5 tons.



Subsea Partner’s primary market is surface supplied air diving as inshore MUO (manned underwater operation) in territorial waters, usually less than 12 nautical mil or 19.25 km from the coast. This market includes docks, harbors, canals, culverts, rivers, estuaries, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, water filled tunnels and tanks.

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