Light Dive Craft (LDC)

We at SubseaPartner, like many of our colleagues within the oil & gas industry, are excited to see the market changing in an upward direction.

In our company strategy we’ve defined offshore diving as one of our top priorities. Therefore we’ve added another vessel to our fleet – a newly built Light Diving Craft that will set a new industry standard. This state of the art vessel is a culmination of lessons learned from 10 years of offshore LDC operations, and will provide added capabilities to operators on the Norwegian continental shelf as well as for international operations. We are also proud of having Hukkelberg AS as our sole supplier for this delivery.

Along with the recent verification of compliance with the corporate NORSOK U-100 standard, the vessel is also in compliance with requirements in the IMCA and NORSOK industry standards.

For further information, please contact our COO, Anders Remøy Bertelsen, abe@subseapartner.no


Subsea Partner’s primary market is surface supplied air diving as inshore MUO (manned underwater operation) in territorial waters, usually less than 12 nautical mil or 19.25 km from the coast. This market includes docks, harbors, canals, culverts, rivers, estuaries, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, water filled tunnels and tanks.

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