Please take a look through some of our reference projects to see the wide range of expertise SubseaPartner holds. SubseaPartner is pre-qualified by Sellihca and Achilles and operates according to ISO 9001:2008. This ensures that health, safety and security are safeguarded, and that the quality of the work we do has a high standard.

Teekay has awarded SubseaPartner a contract comprising air diving work

Hummingbird Spirit FPSO
September 2018 , Teekay

The Norwegian based Diving Contractor, SubseaPartner will perform Air Diving Services at the Hummingbird Spirit FPSO operated by Teekay. «The capabilities of our diving asset and a strong organization to support this type of operation has proven to be valuable for the clients by providing sustainable solutions. The highly sophisticated, harsh...

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Goliat 2017

July 2017

The largest air diving operation with a LDC(light diving craft) since this method was acknowledged by the Petroleum Safety Authority in 2007 has just finished on the Norwegian continental shelf. SubseaPartner has been the supplier of all diving services to DeepOcean  on the Goliat field for ENI. 349 dives was...

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SubseaPartner goes offshore

June 2017 , SubseaPartner

With 10 incident-free inshore years in the diving bag, SubseaPartner goes offshore. SubseaPartner’s market leading HSE record is one of the reasons why the company is confident of remaining on solid ground while taking a historic step out on the ocean. SubseaPartner, previously RUE, is set to be the first fully...

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Cable flushing- Radøy for Nexans

April 2016

Nexans was assigned by BKK the mission to put the world's deepest and longest 420 kV PEX submarine cable as part of a power connection that crosses two fjords north of Bergen. Nexans supplied a comprehensive turnkey solution to BKK consisting of design, type testing, production, delivery and installation of a total of...

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Diving for Statoil- Kalstø 2016.

April 2016

Monday, 04 April, was the start date for the Kalstø project 2016. First three days are set for familiarization at SubseaPartners base, both theoretical and practical project review to ensure efficiency and focus on HSE. Thursday 07th we set course for the operational area. The SOW for this year’s operation, was that all four vertical bearing affiliated Foundation 3 was replaced during this year's operation. Because of insufficient weather criteria within specified timeframes, Statoil decided to postpone...

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Diving for Statoil at Kalstø 2015

August 2015 , Statoil

Monday, 17 August, was the start date for the Kalstø project 2015. First three days are set for familiarization at SubseaPartners base, both theoretical and practical project review to ensure efficiency and focus on HSE.  Wednesday 19.th we set course for the operational area. The SOW for this year's operation,...

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Conversion of MS Risøy

Poltramp and base Haugesund
July 2015 , SubseaPartner

Spring 2015, SubseaPartner’s Diving Vessel, MS Risøy, was rebuilt through a major conversion at a shipyard in Poland. This has been a huge project but the result is a new diving vessel ready for new assignments along the Norwegian coast. During the yard stay, MS Risøy has got new...

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Oil Emptying MV Krasnoselsk

Hundeidvik, Sykkylven
November 2014 , Kystverket

SubseaPartner was awarded a contract from NCA (Kystverket) for oil emptying of MV Krasnoselsk in November 2014. The Russian trawler sunk during the Dagmar storm in Hundeidvik in Sykkylven December 2011. The diving work started first week of December 2014, and was compleeted December 15th. Due to extensive  experience...

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Diving at Sandviksvann

September 2014 , Statoil

Supseapartner completed a new successful project for Statoil Kårstø. The scope of work was to replace an inlet valve  in the bottom of Sandviksvann that is 130 meter above sea level strait up from Kårstå gas terminal. A special barge with lifting arrangement and moon pool was used included a...

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Diving work at Seven Pacific

Dusavik, Stavanger
July 2014 , Subsea 7

Dive Support Vessel M/S Risøy and it's dive crew performed diving work at Subsea7's vessel, Seven Pacific,  in Dusavik. Main tasks was to replace two hydraulic hoses at lower moonpool door and to perform a hull inspection and cleaning of all survey devices, sea chests, thrusters etc. The job...

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Subsea Partner’s primary market is surface supplied air diving as inshore MUO (manned underwater operation) in territorial waters, usually less than 12 nautical mil or 19.25 km from the coast. This market includes docks, harbors, canals, culverts, rivers, estuaries, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, water filled tunnels and tanks.

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