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  • Seven Pacific

Diving work at Seven Pacific

Dusavik, Stavanger
July 2014 , Subsea 7

Dive Support Vessel M/S Risøy and it’s dive crew performed diving work at Subsea7’s vessel, Seven Pacific,  in Dusavik. Main tasks was to replace two hydraulic hoses at lower moonpool door and to perform a hull inspection and cleaning of all survey devices, sea chests, thrusters etc. The job was performed successfully.


Subsea Partner’s primary market is surface supplied air diving as inshore MUO (manned underwater operation) in territorial waters, usually less than 12 nautical mil or 19.25 km from the coast. This market includes docks, harbors, canals, culverts, rivers, estuaries, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, water filled tunnels and tanks.

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