SubseaPartner goes offshore

juni 2017 , SubseaPartner

With 10 incident-free inshore years in the diving bag, SubseaPartner goes offshore. SubseaPartner’s market leading HSE record is one of the reasons why the company is confident of remaining on solid ground while taking a historic step out on the ocean.

SubseaPartner, previously RUE, is set to be the first fully Norwegian owned company to perform offshore diving operations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The company was nominated for the Gassco HSE Award in 2016, and will be sure to bring the same HSE focus out to sea.

SubseaPartner has been a market leader in providing inshore oil and gas related diving operations since 1993. An increase in the use of floating offshore rigs with a need for diver performed intervention methods, mainly for maintenance and modifications, has created a bigger market for SubseaPartners services offshore, a demand they’re now ready to meet.

To this end, SubseaPartner has entered into a contract with DeepOcean. DeepOcean will still be the main supplier, but SubseaPartner will perform all manned diving operations on the Norwegian Continantal Shelf. These operations will be performed from the newly arrived Light Diving Craft set to be baptised in Haugesund on the 13th of June. The craft is the latest in a string of investments made by SubseaPartner since the investment company Cinclus took a stake in the company last fall.

The Light Diving Craft is a custom made diving vessel operating from a larger offshore ship. The manufacturer, Hukkelberg AS, and their supplier of diving systems, the Danish company Safe Air Diving, has used experience based reports from divers, diving technicians and diving supervisors in the production of the vessel and its many industry leading life function monitoring systems. The seaworthiness of this boat also exceeds expectations.

«The equipment is far from the only thing that matters», says QHSE manager at SubseaPartner, Ole Morten Skogland. «The rules and regulations for diving operations of this kind are among the strictest in the world. They’re monitored on the same level as drilling operations. We’ve done extensive work to ensure that everything we do is in line with the regulations.»

«The fact that a small company like ours is able to provide services with the quality expected in this sector, services that previously has been exclusively provided by very large companies, proves that we’ve found a recipe that’ll give us some distinct advantages in the marketplace. We always put safety first, something we’ve proven with an impeccable record for big clients like Gassco and Statoil for many, many years», says acting manager and founder of SubseaPartner, Stein-Inge Riise.

«It’s with great humility and respect that we now move to include offshore operations to our list of services», says Skogland.

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SubseaPartners primære marked er overflatebasert luftdykking ofte omtalt som BUO (bemannet undervannsoperasjon) i territorialfarvannet, vanligvis mindre enn 12 nautiske mil fra land. Dette markedet omfatter bl.a. ilandføringsanlegg for olje og gass, havner, kanaler, kulverter, elver, elvemunninger, innsjøer, reservoarer, dammer, vannfylte tunneler og tanker.

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