Projects: Cable and pipeline inspection

Cable flushing- Radøy for Nexans

April 2016

Nexans was assigned by BKK the mission to put the world's deepest and longest 420 kV PEX submarine cable as part of a power connection that crosses two fjords north of Bergen. Nexans supplied a comprehensive turnkey solution to BKK consisting of design, type testing, production, delivery and installation of a total of...

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Diving for Statoil at Kalstø 2015

August 2015 , Statoil

Monday, 17 August, was the start date for the Kalstø project 2015. First three days are set for familiarization at SubseaPartners base, both theoretical and practical project review to ensure efficiency and focus on HSE.  Wednesday 19.th we set course for the operational area. The SOW for this year's operation,...

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Diving at Sandviksvann

September 2014 , Statoil

Supseapartner completed a new successful project for Statoil Kårstø. The scope of work was to replace an inlet valve  in the bottom of Sandviksvann that is 130 meter above sea level strait up from Kårstå gas terminal. A special barge with lifting arrangement and moon pool was used included a...

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Subsea Partner’s primary market is surface supplied air diving as inshore MUO (manned underwater operation) in territorial waters, usually less than 12 nautical mil or 19.25 km from the coast. This market includes docks, harbors, canals, culverts, rivers, estuaries, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, water filled tunnels and tanks.

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