Diving service in general

SubseaPartner has gained experience of controlling major risk when performing MUO. Working as a Norwegian Diving Contractor, one must be in compliance with one of the world’s most stringent requirements through Acts and Regulations by the Norwegian regulators. SubseaPartner holds an organization suitable to operate multiple MUO by a strong competency within Diving Physiology, Emergency Preparedness, Engineering & Risk Management, Maritime – as well as Operational support.

This will give all customers the needed credibility towards its end-client to commence a safe and efficient Manned Underwater Operation using the various diving spread, at the expected safety and quality in a controlled manner.


Professional diving work requires both proper equipment, personnel and experience, but also the best HSE and quality systems in place. When subsea work needs to be done, all these factors are important when choosing a reliable supplier that can execute the work as planned and on budget.

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