Oil emptying

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Since DSV Risøy (Dive Support Vessel) was acquired in 1993, many operations for oil emptying have been carried out along Norway’s coast and in the Barents Sea.

There are still a large number of shipwrecks along the coast which are a potential environmental risk. Older steel shipwrecks will eventually rust, which can possibly lead to a hazardous leakage if the wreck contains any oil.

See videos from operations where DSV Risøy and our project team have contributed to the prevention of adverse environmental disasters.

Video of 0il recovery from MS Norvard link: Oil recovery from MV Norvard

Video of oil recovery from MS Welheim: Oil recovery from MS Welheim 2008

Video from  oil recovery from  Erich Giese, Green Ålesund, Martina i Sweden, see link: Different oil recovery from ship wrecks

Oil recovery from MV Krasnoselsk, Sykkulven December 2014: see link MV KRASNOSELSK


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