IMR - Rig Spudcan

  • West Epsilon (2)

Mobile jack-up drilling rigs are used extensively around the world for the exploration of offshore oil and gas fields. The jack-up rigs where originally designed for shallow waters, but it has been a increasing demand for their use in deeper waters, over 120 m, and in harsher environments. Modern rigs are usually supported by three individual legs that migh have a length as much as 160 to 170 meters. Spudcans are the foot of the leg that prevent the jac-up rig to penetrate into the seabed. The spudcans has generally circular or polygonal form, and may be up to 20 m in diameter. The weight of the spudcan might be as much as 1000 tons. SubseaPartner has vide experience from inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) on Spudcans. Picture showing spudcan work at West Epsilon in 2011.


Professional diving work requires both proper equipment, personnel and experience, but also the best HSE and quality systems in place. When subsea work needs to be done, all these factors are important when choosing a reliable supplier that can execute the work as planned and on budget.

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