Our Vision



About us

We plan and execute our operations in accordance to NORSOK U-100 and IMCA D014 as a accredited Diving Contractor member of IMCA.

SubseaPartner has headquarters in Haugesund with base, technical work shops and 100 meters of quay side.

We have a strong value-based safety culture. Our high tech assets, extensive experience and top safety performance secures capacity and competence for customers both offshore and inshore.

We have extensive experience offshore, nearshore and inshore on floating assets.

Our in-house project management combined with smart engineering solutions ensures operational success.

Most of the project execution is performed by the same project personnel that have operated the vessel and spreads for more than 20 years. Our strengthening of staff positions has extensive experience from the international diving industry.

Jotun Sail Away

Our History

Our history goes back to 1993 when RIISE Underwater Engineering (RUE) was established.

The company acquired the Diving Support Vessel, Risøy and has performed a variety of diving work along the Norwegian coastline.
In 2010, RUE became a part of the Fugro group and gained good experience from inshore and offshore activities both in Europe and in Africa.
The transfer of Fugro RUE in 2013, was the birth of SubseaPartner supported by Cinclus Equity Partner and Cinclus IV as the major shareholder.

In the early years of SubseaPartner DSV Risøy and inshore dive operations was the company’s primary activity. The project team with DSV Risøy performed extremely demanding diving work on the Statpipe shore approach at Kalstø, west of Haugesund until spring 2022.

In 2016 we entered the offshore diving segment in the North Sea. From this point the Norwegian Continental Shelf and UK sector became the primary market for SubseaPartner. The investment in LDC Trust and LDC Venturer manifested this new direction.

From 2022 our strategy has been to offer subsea services to customers in the floating assets market offshore, near-shore and in-shore on NSC and UKCS.