Vessel based diving operations are conducted from either an INSTALLATION OR VESSEL down to 50 MSW with HS 1.5m – 2,5m max. 

SubseaPartner operates two state-of-the-art vessel-based dive spreads which has been custom designed in accordance with NORSOK U100 and IMCA D023 for FPSO installation-based diving and to accommodate diving from DP2 or DP3 vessels. 

This allows for a stable platform with several support systems available for the operations. This method is normally used for larger and more complex dive operations in close proximity to an offshore installation or topside an offshore installation. 

Mobilizing with a vessel-based diving spread is both swift and flexible. Following the vessel assurance process, SubseaPartner can mobilize on any DP2 or DP3 vessel of opportunity. 

The Vessel- and Installation based dive spreads consists of the following main components: 

  • 1 x 20’ Nitrox mixing container
  • 1 x 20’ Utility Container (diver supplied hot water, welding machine etc.)
  • 1 x 20’ Dive control container
  • 1 x 20’ DDC Container
  • 1 x Storage Container
  • 1 x 20’ Interface container
  • 2 x Wash & Dry container
  • 1 x 20’ Coffee Shop
  • 2 x Diver Lars
  • 4 x 16 bottle gas quads (chamber gas)