April 6, 2022 - Get to Know



What life motto do you live by? 

Which of SubseaPartner’s values relates best towards you? 
WE first and OWN it

Which historical person would you have a one-to-one with and why? 
Maybe Joan of Arc? A strong woman who overcame lots of obstacles considering that women during this time was subordinate to men. 

What is it the best part of working in SubseaParter and in your position with the company?  
The best part of working in SubseaPartner is my colleagues. We all share the same values and find it rewarding and fun going to work each day. Working as a Financial Manager I’m not only responsible for establishing a good financial position but I’m also part of the project team as a cost controller and a part of the management team where we set the vision and strategy of the company.

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