May 4, 2022 - Get to Know



What life motto do you live by?
If you approach others with an open mind and positive attitude, chances are you’ll meet many fantastic people.

Which of SubseaPartner’s values relates best towards you?
We First – meaning people and work environment first. We differ from many other players in the subsea business as our people work underwater. Everyone contributes to building a great team by being themselves and sharing their competence. Adding honest and inclusive behaviour to the mix creates trust, which is an essential ingredient to safe operations.

Which historical person would you have a one-to-one with and why?
If I could share a campfire in the wilderness with the explorer Helge Ingstad that would be my first choice. He wrote amazing books about his adventures and has inspired generations. As a young man he travelled from my hometown Bergen to the Canadian Artic where he lived with Indigenous tribes and became a trapper of note. Later in his life he proved that Scandinavians found a way across the Atlantic to North America, about 500 years before Columbus.

What is it the best part of working for SubseaPartner in your position?
Working with engaged and fun colleagues who really strive to make a difference every day at work fosters personal development. We challenge each other by sharing our competence when discussing ideas, we do not hesitate to put things into action, and we put a lot of energy into capturing lessons learned.  

I also really enjoy following and analysing the O&G market, engaging with existing and potential customers, and exploring new business opportunities together with our team.

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