Goliat FPSO Campaign

Vår Energi - Goliat 2017 - 2019

    • Method Offshore LDC Diving
    • Installation Goliat FPSO

The scope of work on the FPSO Goliat comprised of changing all the 14 mooring fair lead hydraulic and electrical signal cables.

Goliat 2017 – 2019

The project was conducted over the course of 2017 to 2019 executed over 3 air dive campaign offshore in Norway at the Barents Sea on the Sevan design FPSO Goliat in harsh conditions. A mother vessel with a Light Dive Craft was mobilized and used during all campaigns in extreme weather conditions.

The original design of the FPSO mooring system got a system failure after installation in 2015. Load cell readings was lost, and electric bundles subsea had to be replaced. Signal cables and hydraulic distribution lines had to be replaced, as well as cylinders that open/close the mooring chain in to the fairlead had to be replaced.

The submerged mooring system is operated using subsea cable system connected topside, the connection pieces on the subsea cable system had been damaged due to environmental restraints and had to be replaced on 14 positions at splash zone depth. The mooring system plays a vital part of the FPSO integrity and uptime in terms of production, the criticality of the scope was deemed very high by the operator, the project was executed within time and budget.