Jotun A – Riser Removal -2020

Vår Energi

Jotun Sail Away
    • Method Air diving
    • Installation FPSO Jotun A
    • Scope As part of the Balder Future Project, SubseaPartner AS carried out diving operations on the Jotun “A” FPSO and removed the previously cut flexible riser & chain remnants prior to docking at Rosenberg.
      The work was carried out in Åmøyfjorden in June 2020 during the transit of Jotun “A” to dock. Diving was carried out from two dive stations, each working 2 x 12-hour shifts.

      Diving operation consisted of:

      • Cleaning and preparation of cut locations on risers & chains.
      • Cutting of 12 x 30-40m chain sections using Diamond Wire Cutting Saws.
      • Cutting & recovery of 13 x 11-14m Flexible riser sections using Magazine Diamond Wire Cutting Saws.