SubseaPartner has several methods for utilizing a manned underwater operation wherever it may be at the Seven Seas.

The intervention method by means of manned underwater operation is always in our mindset and the obligation to optimize the execution phase, but we never rest. The commitment to utilize research and development to strive for increased safety and efficiency lays deep in to our way of thinking.

We look in to old methods of diving and by having the desire to improve diving operations, we use all available knowledge and technology in to new thinking. In this way, we will provide solutions that actually improve safety and efficiency.

SubseaPartner’s objective is to use digitalization processes for improved performance and transparency, as well as translate operational experience from lessons learned in to actual improvements on asset or procedures.



Transfer Under Pressure

The preferred method for planned decompression surface supplied operations in accordance to all known industry standards is yet again proven to be the most cost efficient diving intervention method down to 50 meter water depth.

Not only does TUP diving have a proven track record that is safer and more efficient than standard surface diving operations but this system is also considered a cost effective alternative to shallow water saturation diving.

Our design & construction is capable of undertaking Transfer Under Pressure Diving and simultaneously providing immediate Hyperbaric Evacuation Capability.

Light Diving Craft

Our Light Diving Craft operations has been developed through years of lesson learned from Operators and Contractors, to accommodate safe and efficient air diving operations for harsh environment.

The Light Diving Craft would be able to work close to- and under any offshore installation supported by a dedicated offshore vessel with sufficient accommodation. Our special design is a world class diving system having integrated several technical solutions giving any Client what he expect with regards to transparency and operability. The Client get what he expect; good production rate, high operability, top safety & health-friendly environment for the workforce.

• Highly Sophisticated LDC fleet
• 180 000 L. on-board gas NITROX
• Gyro stabilizer
• Jet Anchor DP-Light
• Video streaming w/ Live feed
• All digital monitoring and 98 % operability

Saturation Diving

We manage and control operations at any water depth, also at depth also where saturation techniques are needed.

Due to the Company’s compliance towards the known industry standard NORSOK U-100 Manned Underwater Operation, all administrative, operational as well as contingency organization are well in place to accommodate saturation diving on any vessel applicable for our Client’s needs.