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Services you can rely on

SubseaPartner provides whatever is needed to complete a marine operation for client that may have an offshore asset that requires support. Our special field are manned underwater operations however, any desire or need can be provided either it’s a chartered vessel or a special service provided by one of our partners & suppliers.

Our LEAN way of thinking and the accreditations towards all known industry standards for a project lifecycle, we can provide large contract regimes within subsea engineering, procurement, construction and installation aids or control of short notice.

Control of short notice make us capable of providing turnkey solutions on very short notice from contract award to project execution.



FPSO Field Support

SubseaPartner provide full turn-key solutions for operators of any Floating storage units or Floating Production Storage and Offloading units in a joint partnership with our strategical partners.

Throughout the life of field, our service starts at the early front-end engineering to mooring hook-up and riser pull-in. Installation & Marine operations, including commissioning support. We even provide contingency service in case the need for manned underwater operations are needed.

  •  Modelling
  •  Marine Analysis
  •  Marine Operations specialized on manned underwater operations
  •  Structural Analysis
  • Installation support

Our Value Chain covers the Subsea EPCI production line. The Engineering and Operational mindset of our Administration gives the projects required support is needed to obtain the quality that NORSOK requires. Our LEAN way to comply with the Value Chain give Clients full transparency in the entire project workflow.


SubseaPartner have the capabilities to deliver required services within the Inspection, Maintenance and Repair service.

SubseaPartner field service is focused on manned underwater operations from surface to seabed. By utilizing the methods we have available, we can provide the most cost efficient solution that serves the scope of work best. Our philosophy by using diving intervention gives us the advantage of accumulating simple solutions by using diving techniques and remote operational vehicles.


To provide the best operational cost savings for our clients, SubseaPartner believes there is sufficient offshore vessels available in the market to give a project nothing more than enough to serve the needs either it’s a marine- or a subsea operation.

SubseaPartner charter what vessel is needed of what’s available on the spot market or via some of our strategical partnerships.

Diving Integrated Service

SubseaPartner Business Management System is built to facilitate complex contract regimes for medium subsea EPCI project.

The Company has the diving excellence to prepare and assist Norwegian Operators to comply with Norwegian legislation with regards to the special field of consent to dive. The ability to work in compliance to NORSOK U-100 enable SPAS to provide full service on any fields around the world and comply with most regional standards and regulations.

We have structured its corporate value chain around Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation by focusing on subsea intervention methods such as manned underwater operations.

The value chain of our core business will function as an integrator of diving competence in any organization who supply subsea services on a maritime asset. This could be services provided to either specialised diving support vessels or small offshore construction vessels used under IRM and installation purpose as dedicated mother vessels to support diving operations.

SubseaPartner can offer a comprehensive solution, both operational and economical upturns for DSV owners in the different global regions as a supplier of diving excellence such as;

Diving Department

  • Compliance & DSV support
  • Marine Assurance
  • Dive Technical Assurance and PMS
  • Personnel Coordination
  • Procedure development

Offshore Diving Health Organization

  • Diving Physician
  • Occupational Health Coordinator
  • HSE Diving Engineers
  • Contingency Organization for Hyperbaric Evacuation