SubseaPartner secures Major Contract Offshore in the North Sea

December 7, 2023 - News

Jotun FPSO

Norwegian Diving Contractor, SubseaPartner, has been awarded a substantial contract for the 2024 season. The work is awarded by OceanInstaller for end-client Vår Energi as part of the Balder Future Project.

The first phase of work encompasses engineering, planning, design, fabrication, and commissioning of a new diver launch and recovery system. The second phase is surface-supplied diving operations to finalize the hook-up of the Jotun FPSO in the North Sea.

Currently stationed at Rosenberg in Stavanger, the FPSO is undergoing preparations for re-installation between the Balder FPU and the Ringhorne platform during summer 2024.

The launch and recovery system for divers will be installed inside the FPSO, enabling diving operations inside the turret. The turret mooring system, integral to the Jotun FPSO hull, includes a bearing system facilitating the rotation of the FPSO around the turret. During the hook-up, a large team of skill ed divers will be engaged in connecting and tensioning mooring lines, as well as cutting and recovering excess mooring chains from within the turret.

Anders Remøy Bertelsen, Managing Director of SubseaPartner, emphasizes the uniqueness of the project’s planning and intervention method.
“In terms of sca/e and scope, this project stands out as one of the most complex surface supplied diving operations in the North Sea over the /ast decade. All our deep quality capabilities are utilised in close cooperation with Oceanlnstaller and operator Vår Energi. It confirms SubseaPartner’s position as a
top-tier diving contractor, committed to providing safe and efficient ‘Life in Field Extension’ to our customers’ floating assets.”

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