SubseaPartner together with DeepOcean was awarded Vår Energi’s Contractors Safety Award

September 8, 2021 - News

“The annual Vår Energi Contractors Safety and Sustainability Conference was held 26th August, where the goal is to meet, share and learn from each other – and most of all; to align and strengthen the one team spirit.

The Vår Energi Contractor Safety Award 2020 went to SubseaPartner and DeepOcean for their joint subsea scope on Balder FPU last summer. A complex scope including a combination of subsea diving and ROV operations, requiring high degree of cooperation, good communication and continuous risk management to execute safely. These two companies have truly demonstrated the value of a one team approach.” 

Ellen Waldeland – Safety & Risk Manager – Vår Energi

To all SubseaPartner personnel – this one is for you:
Thank you for your dedication and competence, willingness to succeed and stay safe.

To our Homefront:
We truly appreciate your effort maintaining a positive X-factor in our operations.

This award recognizes SubseaPartner and DeepOceangroup focus on safety in all phases of our offshore Projects. Top performing personnel, solid risk management processes and a Safety-First mentality are the key to this success.

Vår Energi ‘s Contractor Safety Award 2020 confirms that we deliver together as one team with a strong safety performance!

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