Who we are and what we do

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SubseaPartner AS was established December 2013 by experienced personnel previously employed by Fugro RUE AS in Haugesund. SubseaPartner owns and operates the DSV Risøy (Dive Support Vessel) with the same project personnel that have operated the vessel for more than 20 years. Our personnel has extensive experience from the diving industry and has, among other projects, performed inspection, maintenance and repair at the gas landfall at Kårstø since year 2000. We operate in accordance to NORSOK U-101 & U-103 and can perform both inshore and offshore air diving.


Our history goes back to 1993 when RIISE Underwater Engineering (RUE) was established. The company acquired DSV Risøy (Dive Support Vessel) and has performed a variety of diving work along the Norwegian coast. Oil emptying of ship wreck has been performed several times in close cooperation with the NSA and other Norwegian authorities.  The project team with DSV Risøy has performed extremely demanding diving work on the landfall of gas to Kalstø (Statepipe II). The IMR work has also required manual jacking of the concrete tunnel weighing more than 3,000 tons.  In 2010, RUE became apart of the Fugro group and gained good experience from inshore and offshore activities both in Europe and in Africa. SubseaPartner AS bought part of the company including the diving assets January 2014, and has today the same project team that has operated the vessel since year 2000.


Our vision is to be a preferred Subsea Partner for inshore and offshore surface supplied diving work at Norwegian Continental Shelve.

Our future

Our future is based on our vision and strategy. We have clearly defined targets and other objectives that will give us the market position we require in terms of surface supplied air diving. SubseaPartner will be an important player for inshore and near-shore diving in Norway.


Subsea Partner’s primary market is surface supplied air diving as inshore MUO (manned underwater operation) in territorial waters, usually less than 12 nautical mil or 19.25 km from the coast. This market includes docks, harbors, canals, culverts, rivers, estuaries, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, water filled tunnels and tanks.

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