Statpipe Landfall Repair Campaign

Equinor - Kalstø - 2014-2022

    • Method Vessel based diving
    • Installation Statpipe Landfall

SubseaPartner has held the landfall IMR frame-contract with Equinor since 2013 and has executed safe and reliable manned underwater operations for Equinor at their process refineries and pipeline landfalls.

The Statpipe landfall tunnel, has been subject to a range of different subsea operations since the start of the contract. SubseaPartner has performed subsea heavy lifting up to 5000 tons. Also installation of heavy duty reinforcement structures and change out of mobile bearings supporting the structure on seabed.

SubseaPartner is proud and honored of being a reliable manned underwater operations contractor supplying Equinor with Engineering, Procurement Installation and Construction on their Statpipe Landfall Installation.

In April 2019 started the new Kalstø project. First three days were set for familiarization at SubseaPartners base, both theoretical and practical project review to ensure efficiency and focus on HSE. Thursday the 7th was set course for the operational area. The SOW for the year’s operation, were that all four vertical bearing affiliated Foundation 3 were replaced during the year’s operation.

Because of insufficient weather criteria within specified timeframes, Statoil decided to postpone part of the work to a phase-2 . Phase-2 startet August 22nd and ended September 14th. All performed activities related to the year’s scope were completed without any serious incidents.